Friday Five: 8/18/2017

We have some good selections for your reading and viewing pleasure this week, ranging from fishing tips to tying videos to fly box organization. Grab your cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and enjoy!

The Rocket School of Carpin’: When It’s Too Hot for Trout (Troutbitten)

When the weather gets warm and the trout streams heat up, it’s best to target other species. I was just talking with a guy at one of the local fly shops last week about carp fishing, and he made a good point: “If trout behaved like carp, there would be a lot less people fishing for them.” They can be frustrating to fool with a fly, but put up a great fight on a fly rod. Go ahead and try it!

5 Steps to Fly Box Organization Zen (Fly Fish Food)

Fly box organization is important, since it can help you save a bit of time on the water by knowing where your flies are. Curtis Fry lists some helpful tips to help you stay organized.

Pro Tips: Nymphing vs. Swinging for Steelhead (Orvis Fly Fishing)

There’s some good steelhead fishing in the Lake Erie tributaries (so I hear – I haven’t gone to do it myself). Dave Stewart of Wet Fly Swing¬†gives a good overview of both nymphing and swinging flies for steelhead in the Great Lakes and also out West.

How to Fish a Streamer from the Bank (Rio Products)

There are many ways to fish a streamer from the bank instead of just the down-and-across swing. RIO ambassador Russ Miller demonstrates these different ways to help you maximize your time wading a stream.

Tie of the Month: Cashmere Baitfish (Gig Harbor Fly Shop)

This is a simple baitfish pattern that would work well in fresh or saltwater where baitfish are present. If you don’t have one of these materials, it’s always fun to experiment with possible substitutes and color changes to match your local baitfish and minnows.


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