Friday Five: 8/25/2017

Nothing pairs better with coffee on a Friday morning than the Friday Five. This week we feature 3 articles and 2 videos for your reading and viewing pleasure. Have at it!

How to Fish Deadfalls and Other In-Stream Wood (Orvis Fly Fishing)

It’s always good to keep in mind that “wood is good, foam is home” whenever you’re examining a stream (before you fish). Phil Monahan outlines some great tips on how to fish wood structure with dry flies, nymphs, and streamers.

I Must Have Washed My Streamers on Hot (Gink & Gasoline)

Louis Cahill writes about streamer size in this post from Gink & Gasoline, specifically addressing the issue of, “How big is too big?” He writes about a good maximum streamer size to consider. A good rule of thumb in general is this: what’s the biggest size of prey for the water I’m fishing?

Let’s Talk About Tippet… (Troutbitten)

There are a whole lot of options at the fly shop when it comes to tippet material. In this helpful article, Domenick Swentosky answers three common questions when it comes to choosing different tippet for a situation.

Fly Tying: Gurgler (Frankenfly)

This Frankenfly post features Tim Cammisa tying a size 10 variation on a Gartside Gurgler. Along with the tying tutorial, Tim also takes time to explain different materials and color combinations as well as techniques to fish it.

Manbearpig Streamer (Frankenfly)

Pat Cohen shows us how to tie his Manbearpig streamer, which comes in at 5 inches in length in this version. Looks like a great streamer for large, predatory fish!

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