Friday Five: 9/1/2017



My default on-the-go coffee mug.

It’s Friday. Perhaps you’re taking a short break from work to check out this week’s content, or maybe you’re enjoying it from home before starting the work day. Either way, grab a cup of coffee and have at it!

Our five picks this week include some fly patterns, some tips for fall fishing and fly color, and a newer pattern by Gunnar Brammer.

Fly of the Month: Mauser’s Hackle Crab (Mauser Fly Fishing)

This could be a great crayfish pattern for around here. It’s simple enough that it’s worth tying up a few to experiment with!

Finding Fish When the Flows Are Down (Postfly)

The end of summer and beginning of fall can be a time around here when flows are low. Here are some helpful tips about where to be looking for fish and what flies to be fishing when the flows get low.

Ask the Experts: What Are Your Top 5 Fall Flies? (Orvis Fly Fishing)

Fly fishing guides from around the country weigh in on their top 5 flies for fall. The selections are from both fresh and saltwater locales. It’s always interesting to see what the guides pick!

Choose a Fly Color Based on the Flat You’re Fishing (Gink & Gasoline)

While the title specifically mentions saltwater flats, this tip is just as important when you’re fishing freshwater too. Aside from the occasional white or chartreuse pattern in my streamer box, many of my nymphs and streamers are shades of olive, brown, brown/olive (“sculpin olive”), or olive/black.

Fuzz Jr. Tutorial (Gunnar Brammer)

Gunnar Brammer demonstrates how to tie a single-hook, baitfish-style streamer called the Fuzz Jr. Gunnar says that it was “designed for bass and trout but can be used to target a much larger range of species.”

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