Friday Five: 9/8/2017


He thought “grab your coffee” meant “grab your fish.”

Welcome to this week’s Friday Five!

We’re heavy on the videos this week, featuring some Virginia smallmouth bass with Blane Chocklett along with two fly patterns and an artful one of brown trout eating insects. Grab your coffee cup and enjoy!

Ask Landon Mayer: One Key Habit of Big Trout… (Troutbitten)

Domenick Swentosky interviews Landon Mayer about big trout habits along with good flies and tactics to use when targeting them. Domenick also adds some of his own thoughts as well, highlighting some similar tactics to Mayer’s that have worked well for him.

Fly Fishing in Virginia with Blane Chocklett: Re-discover Your Region #8 (Brookdog Fishing Company)

Brookdog Fishing Company does it again, this time featuring Blane Chocklett’s homewaters around the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. They stop in at Ballast Point Brewing Company for some food and beverages to close out the day.

Pat’s Rubber Legs Stone Variation (Fly Fish Food)

Pat’s Rubber Legs is a simple and effective stonefly pattern, very similar to a Girdle Bug (except more natural-looking). Lance Egan gives a slight variation on this pattern, making it more effective for Czech nymphing.

Swung Fuzz (Gunnar Brammer)

Gunnar says this is “the third installment in the Strung Fuzz series of flies.” The head is made out of Hedron Strung Fuzzy Fiber. Along with the great tutorial, Gunnar also explains how he fishes this in a specific swung style. It’s a great-looking sculpin pattern, and the tutorial is very detailed.

The Rise, Heads and Tails (Orvis Fly Fishing, Flugfiske)

We’ll close this week with a video to get your heart pumping: two big brown trout eating – one on the surface, one beneath.

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