Friday Five: 11/24/2017

Happy day-after Thanksgiving! Now that you’ve come out of your tryptophan-induced coma, it’s time to make that perfect Thanksgiving leftover sandwich and enjoy our selection for you this week.

Nymphing Tip: Tag Your Split Shot (Deneki Outdoors)

This is a good top for a nymphing rig, similar to a drop-shot system. One of the advantages to this is the potential to not lose your whole rig if the tag gets stuck on a rock.

One Fly or Two? (Hatch Magazine)

John Juracek writes on the importance of accuracy in your cast whenever your fish two flies. Doubling your chances doesn’t mean much if you aren’t casting them accurately!

Tie Like a Pro: Episode 5 – The Infinite Fly Principle (Brammer’s Custom Flies)

This is worth the time it takes to watch: Gunnar Brammer gives some good instruction on tying streamers. As he says, “The ‘infinite fly principle’ is that you take one design and BOOM: radiate it out.” He points out how you can create many different styles of flies while still using the same materials but changing the head design. You can do a lot of fly designs using only .a few materials!

Drop Shot Nymphing with Kelly Galloup (Slide Inn)

Speaking of drop shot nymphing, here’s a helpful video from Kelly Galloup on that topic. It’s a follow-up to this video he did a few years ago on nymphing rigs.

Streamer Chronicles, Season 2: Episode 2 – Chris Willen (Fly Fishing the Ozarks)

Episode 2 of this season of Streamer Chronicles focuses on musky angler and guide, Chris Willen.

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