Friday Five: 11/17/2017

We’re under a week from Thanksgiving, which is the start of one of my favorite stretches of the year (between Thanksgiving, deer season, Christmas, New Year’s – so much good stuff!). By the time you’re reading next week’s edition you might still be in the tryptophan-induced stupor from eating turkey on Thanksgiving.

But for today, pour yourself a hot cup of coffee, grab a chair, and enjoy what we have for you this week!

Life of Fly (Flyline Productions)

This is a pretty cool video on the life of a fly, from inception to retirement. It’s filmed really beautifully, and the fly itself looks cool (I want to tie one up).

Staying Streamer Neutral (Orvis Fly Fishing, George Daniel)

George Daniel writes about streamer situations that call for the streamer to have neutral buoyancy in the water (drawing on the experience he has had watching people fishing with live minnows). There are some helpful pattern suggestions in here as well. There’s a time and place for all kinds of streamer tactics, and this is a good strategy to have in your back pocket.

Fifty Fly Fishing Tips #16: You Don’t Need Big Flies to Catch Big Fish (Troutbitten)

It’s been said on here before, but Domenick Swentosky says it well in this most recent post on Troutbitten. Big nymphs and small buggers work really well for catching big trout – you don’t always need the big, articulated patterns (but they are fun to fish).

How to Choose the Right Fly (Deneki Outdoors)

The folks at Deneki Outdoors have compiled a list of their top articles on selecting flies, ranging from bonefish to king salmon to steelhead to trout. These are helpful, since making an educated guess on the type of fly you tie on is important (and so is having confidence in that fly!).

Peacock and Partridge Soft Hackle (Frankenfly)

Paul Beel shares a video of Tim Neal tying a Peacock and Patridge soft hackle. This pattern just plain works! A bonus to this video is Tim Neal showing a good pro tip on making durable peacock bodies on these flies (and other peacock-bodied flies too).


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