Friday Five: 11/10/2017

It’s starting to get cold. Really cold. But that’s okay, because it’s November. There’s nothing wrong with that at all!

We have a good lineup for you today, ranging from tips on selecting fly line, tying your own leaders, wild edibles, beads on nymphs, and an entertaining video to close it out. Grab your coffee, pull up a chair, and enjoy!

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: Choosing a Floating Fly Line (Mauser Fly Fishing)

Have you ever had trouble choosing a floating fly line? This blog post from Mauser Fly Fishing is helpful when it comes to choosing from the myriad options available to you. It gets in-depth and leans a bit more on the saltwater side, but I do think anyone with fly line questions would find this helpful.

Fifty Fly Fishing Tips: #15 – Tie Your Own Leaders (Troutbitten)

If you’ve never tried tying your own leaders, you should. Spend a few bucks on some spools of Maxima and you’ll get more than your money’s worth of leaders out of it (even factoring in ones that don’t work so well because of knot mistakes). Tying your own leaders also allows you to make adjustments based on the water you fish, which is a great thing to have in the back pocket.

15 Wild Edibles You Can Forage For in the Fall (Outdoor Life)

If you’ve ever been interested in foraging while hunting or fishing, here is a list for you. There’s a large selection ranging from roots to berries to tree nuts – there’s even a leaf with the nickname “hunters’ toilet paper”! (Mullein is its real name, just in case you’re wondering).

Beads are the Best (Hatch Magazine)

Domenick Swentosky writes on having beads in fly patterns, and how in his experience they’ve caught more fish than patterns without beads. He also addresses why these patterns might catch more fish. Worth the read.

Chasing the Donkey: The Fun Edit (Steve Dally, Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher)

This just looks like a good time on the White River!

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