Friday Five: 11/3/2017

November has arrived! It’s hard to believe that three weeks from now we’ll be recovering from a tryptophan-induced coma after Thanksgiving. For now though, there’s a good bit of fishing and hunting to be had!

This week’s selection is a bit different: along with the typical articles and videos, there are two other videos of fish (Giant Trevally and catfish, respectively) doing some pretty amazing things. Enjoy!

Two Flies for Fall Browns (North 40 Fly Shop)

This one’s inspired a forthcoming post on the flies I would pick if I were only limited to 2-3 streamers. Are you more about changing patterns or changing the way you fish the one you have on the end of your line? That’s one of the questions considered in this post. There’s also a good list of familiar-sounding streamers that could up your chances at a large brown (but it’s all about matching the size to the prey in your area!).

Fifty Fly Fishing Tips #14: Tippet Rings – Thank You, Tiny Circles (Troutbitten)

If you haven’t ever used tippet rings before, you should give them a try. They really help to make things easy on the water when it comes to changing out rigs! Domenick writes about his own tips and experience with these wonderful “tiny circles.”

Two Bit Stone (Frankenfly, Charlie Craven)

This is a good-looking stonefly pattern that gets down deep quickly. I might use a different dubbing on the thorax, but I really like the way this looks.

Blue Planet 1.5 (Moldy Chum)

The other week the BBC announced they were producing a new edition of Blue Planet, titled Blue Planet II. It should come as no surprise that it looks amazing. A few fly fishing sites have featured photos from Blue Planet II of Giant Trevally attacking birds in the air. This is the freshwater version of that, with large catfish eating pigeons. Anyone up for tying bird flies?

Bird is Eaten by Giant Fish – Blue Planet II (BBC)

Okay… We couldn’t leave you hanging with only a link to the GT video mentioned above. This just looks awesome.

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