From the Vice: October 2017

This is two days late, but here are some of the flies coming from the vice over the past month. Included are some experiments with new material and some flies that came straight from the need to clean off the desk. If you’re interested in ordering flies, please fill out the Contact Form and we’ll be in touch!

Early on in the month I finally got tired of the scraps that were left on the desk from the past few months, so I decided to tie some flies using only leftover materials from the desk (save for hooks and cones/eyes – and I allowed myself 1 extra material per fly). The resulting three flies were two crayfish and a sculpin.

One of the other things I finally got around to trying was Faux Bucktail by Flymen Fishing Company. There have been a number of things written about it already, and I had purchased a some colors (olive, yellow, white, chartreuse) a few months ago but just hadn’t gotten around to using it yet. It makes a nice-looking Clouser Minnow, and also works for slim-bodied nymphs.

Here are some of the other selections that came off the vice this month (some of them I already wrote about in the mid-month special edition of From The Vice):

What have you been tying lately?

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