Fly Tying Video Feature: Caddis Dries

Stuck in a rut for what to tie? Our Fly Tying Video Feature series will help to give you some ideas for the vice this winter.

This week’s category is caddis dry flies, and will end up warranting another post since there are so many. Some of my favorite days on the water have been fishing a caddis dry fly with a caddis pupa dropper – they’re a go-to pattern from April (both tan caddis and Grannoms) through June and even into the fall. Here are some of our favorite caddis dry fly patterns.

X2 Caddis (Blue Ribbon Flies)

This is one of our top 5 flies in our box, especially in tan. It’s great as a dry fly, and it’s okay to let it get down in the surface film as an emerger, too. (This version is from 2011.)

X2 Caddis 2016 (Blue Ribbon Flies)

As if the first version wasn’t good enough (it is, trust us), here’s an updated version from 2016.

Iris Caddis (Tightline Productions)

Here’s another good caddis imitation, which can be fished on top or in the surface film.

CDC & Elk Hair Caddis (Tightline Productions)

This one has some good movement in the surface film with the CDC, and stays afloat well to boot.

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