Friday Five: January 5, 2018

It’s a cold morning here in Central PA – like, wind chill of minus 20 degrees Farhenheit cold. It’s the perfect morning to pour yourself an extra large mug of coffee, grab your blanket, and check out this week’s Friday Five while thinking of slightly warmer temperatures.

(Don’t get me wrong, I don’t necessarily mind the cold. It’s just really cold for this time of the winter here.)

Fly Fishing in an Age of Unraveling (Sierra Club)

Maybe you can relate to this: “I found myself gravitating back to my [fly tying] workstation at the end of each dizzying day of political upheaval to work it out.” If you use your tying bench as a place to help sort things out amidst the familiarity of tying flies, this is an article for you.

4 Tips for Stocking Bonefish Flies (Gink & Gasoline)

These are good tips, whether or not you’re going to be targeting bonefish specifically. Most of them can be applied to situations beyond bonefish and saltwater if you’re preparing for any sort of trip.

Fifty Fly Fishing Tips #23: Don’t be a Hero – Get Closer (Troutbitten)

Getting closer to your target gives you a better changes of hitting it – that rings true whether you’re shooting archery, firearms, or fly fishing. Domenick writes on the importance of this from a fly fishing perspective, whether you’re fishing from a boat or wading.

Why Use a Rotary Vise? (Orvis Fly Fishing, Tightline Productions)

Tim Flagler talks about some reasons to invest in a rotary vise to help with tying flies. It’s the latest video in the “One Minute Fly-Tying Tips and Techniques” series by Orvis.

Sedotti’s Feather Slammer (Frankenfly)

Mark Sedotti’s Feather Slammer is one of the flies at the start of the big fly craze. Paul Beel features this video on his Frankenfly page. Even though it’s a long tutorial, you get some history of the pattern and when he first brought it to Michigan.

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