Fly Tying Video Feature: Streamers, Day 2

Maybe you’re stuck in a rut on what to be tying this winter: enter the Fly Tying Video Feature. Throughout the winter we’re going to be featuring flies for all occasions (sometimes it will be imitations of a specific fish/insect, other times it will be general imitations of a category). The goal is doing 1-2 of these posts per week for your viewing pleasure and to help get the juices flowing at the vice!

Day 1 of Streamers featured some articulated patterns, so on day 2 we’re featuring some single-hook streamer patterns.

Coffey’s Sparkle Minnow (Kingfisher Fly Shop)

There’s no such thing as too much bling, right? This pattern may or may not have given me some great time on the water a few different times.

Complex Twist Bugger 2.0 (Fly Fish Food)

The Complex Twist technique works well for streamer bodies – I use a variation of it for the Chowtime Sculpin as well as some of Strolis’s Headbanger Sculpins that I tie. This bugger looks even better with the addition of the Bruiser Blend dubbing up front.

Chad Johnson’s Mini Mega Minnow (Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher)

This one’s a bit outside of the box, but it’s a single-hook version of Johnson’s Mega Minnow, and just looks like a good baitfish pattern.

The Kreelex (Mossy Creek Fly Fishing)

It’s like a Clouser Deep Minnow with flash instead of bucktail, and a reputation for catching some big fish.


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