Fly Tying Video Feature: Hellgrammites

Getting stuck with what to tie this winter? Working on a specific style of fly or tying technique? Enter the Fly Tying Video Feature, where we hope to help you get those creative juices flowing. This week might be a bit out of the box for this area, as we’ll be featuring some Hellgrammite patterns.

We do have Hellgrammites in some of our streams around here (Penns Creek being one of them). They also work on the Juniata River for smallmouth bass, and I’ve heard through a reliable source that a well-known and well-managed trout stream in the area has a high population of them as well. While a Woolly Bugger would work just fine, here are some other patterns that you can try.

Murray’s Hellgrammite (Murray’s Fly Shop)

This looks like a lead-eye Woolly Bugger with an ostrich herl tail – it’s also a good-looking Hellgrammite pattern. As is explained in the video, the ostrich herl tail gives it a natural-looking undulating pattern when in the current, just like a natural Hellgrammite.

Mighty Mite Hellgrammite (Fly Fish Video)

This is Michael Verduin’s Mighty Mite pattern, as tied by Diane Blair. That rabbit strip would give it some good motion in the water! The pincers are also a nice touch from a rubber O-ring you can buy at the hardware store.

Crittermite Fly Pattern (Eastern Trophies Fishing)

The Eastern Trophies Crittermite tails help to make for a good-looking (and easy to tie) Hellgrammite pattern. This is a good one!

Taramite 3.0 (Relentless Fly Fishing)

Jake Villwock of Relentless Fly Fishing ties up his Krafty Hellgrammite, which is his spin-off of the Crittermite pattern above. The EP Tarantula Brush is a good touch!


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