Fly Tying Video Feature: Sulphurs

Having trouble figuring out what to tie this winter? Working on a specific style of fly or tying technique? Enter the Fly Tying Video Feature, where we hope to help you get those creative juices flowing.

This week we’re featuring some sulphur patterns, which is a great hatch around this area. We’ll cover some patterns for all stages of the life of a sulphur mayfly (nymph, emerger, dun, spinner). There are a lot of different pattern videos out there, so we’re only going to highlight a few here. Be looking for a future post giving additional patterns for each stage!

Dark Sulphur Nymph (Little Juniata River Association)

Admittedly, this isn’t a video. It’s a recipe for a really effective sulphur nymph specific to this area, along with some pictures and instructions. Definitely worth checking out!

Matt’s Sulphur Emerger (Tightline Productions)

Tim Flagler ties a sulphur emerger developed by Matt Grobert. This is a bit more involved of a pattern, but it will work!

Sulphur Parachute (In the Riffle)

One of my favorite patterns to fish (that’s not a sulphur Sparkle Dun) is a sulphur parachute.

Poly Wing Rusty Spinner (Tightline Productions)

The Rusty Spinner just works. Period. It’s a solid spinner imitation, and you can tweak the body color to be lighter like a suphur if you’d like. Just remember, spinners have thing bodies and it’s important to imitate that with your pattern!


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