Friday Five: 1/19/2017

It’s Friday! Time to pour yourself that coffee and enjoy the Friday Five. This week is a bit heavier on the videos – there will be more articles coming next week!

Speaking of videos, check out our Fly Tying Video Feature series, which we started this month. Each post is 4-5 patterns on a specific type of “fish food,” whether it’s hellgrammites, articulated streamers, or sulphurs (for example). We’ll be posting those on Mondays and/or Wednesdays over the winter to give you some ideas at the vice.

How to Fish Midge Patterns in Winter (Orvis Fly Fishing)

Zach Matthews of the Itinerant Angler gives some helpful tips on how to most effectively fish midge patterns in the winter months. He covers everything from patterns to rigging, and includes three how-to-tie videos highlighting some effective midge patterns.

Fifty Fly Fishing Tips: #25 – Confidence is King (Troutbitten)

What are your confidence flies? Domenick Swentosky writes about the importance of having a few confidence patterns in your box (or a box full of confidence patterns. Find the ones that work, vary the sizes and colors, and have at it.

Tying the Angler Fish with Kelly Galloup (Slide Inn)

Here’s another in-depth tying video with Kelly Galloup tying his Angler Fish. This is a pattern that he cites as a go-to streamer of his when he’s fishing. It’s definitely a unique fly, and worth a look!

The Infamous Mop (Fly Fish Food)

Love it or hate it, the Mop Fly does work, and it makes for a good imitation of a cranefly larva or a bigger Green Weenie. Here’s a tutorial with some different techniques to the pattern that can make it a bit more durable.

Mike Schmidt’s Maraceiver (Fly Fishing the Ozarks)

Here’s Brian Wise’s most recent video in the Mike Schmidt series of flies: the Maraceiver. It’s a Deceiver with some marabou added in for additional motion. Check it out!

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