Friday Five: 3/9/2017

It’s back to being cold again, but it’s starting to feel slightly more like spring each day! Word on the street is that BWOs have been starting sporadically on Spring Creek, so it would be worth getting out there to check things out at some point.

For now though, grab your cup of coffee and enjoy the selections that we have for you this week.

Getting Your Bugs in Order (Gink & Gasoline)

This contains a helpful breakdown of all types of insect families you encounter as a fly fisherman. While you don’t need to have an entomology degree to be successful on the water, having some knowledge of the insects your imitating is helpful!

Top 5 Flies for Swingers (Headhunters Fly Shop)

The folks at Headhunters Fly Shop give their top 5 list of flies for swinging on the Missouri River this time of year. While we aren’t even close to the Mighty Mo’, I always like checking these lists out to see patterns that would translate well to around here. (All of these would, by the way.)

Fly Fishing Strategies: Tangle-Free Tandem Rigs (Troutbitten)

Domenick Swentosky gives a number of helpful tips to keep in mind when you’re fishing a tandem rig, whether it be nymphs, dry flies, or a dry/dropper combo rig.

Tying the Zoo Cougar (Slide Inn)

Kelly Galloup demonstrates how to tie the streamer that put him on the map: the Zoo Cougar. He cites this as one of his top-producing patterns, and shows us how to tie it in detail here.

Green Drake Parachute (Frankenfly)

Paul Beel features a video by Jay Nicholas, tying his own Green Drake parachute imitation. Jay gives some background on the pattern and how he fished it on the Metolius River back in the 1960s. This would also work well for a Green Drake around here!

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