Friday Five: 3/16/18

We have a new selection for you this week, so grab your coffee and read on!

Lefty Kreh, a Fly Fisherman with Few Peers… (The New York Times)

The realm of fly fishing (and fishing in general) lost an icon on Wednesday. Lefty Kreh passed away at the age of 93. He was a well-respected man in the sport, and lived a good, long life. This is a well-written article in tribute to Lefty.

Fly Fishing with Stealth – 8 Common Mistakes (Gink & Gasoline)

Stealth is important in fishing, just like it is in hunting. Kent Klewein offers some helpful tips to keep in mind as you apply stealth in your fly fishing approach.

Tightline Nymphing Tips: When in Doubt, Drag ‘Em (George Daniel, Livin on the Fly)

Tightline nymphing is fun – typically it’s our go-to method for around here. George Daniel offers some solid advice for tightline nymphing in fast currents where you don’t want to have slack in your slack. (Slack = missed strikes. Slack is bad.)

Podcast: Becoming a Fishing Guide, with Mike Dawkins (Orvis Fly Fishing)

Tom Rosenbauer interview Mike Dawkins (of WorldCast Anglers) on how to become a fly fishing guide. Dawkins has some good advice to offer, having been a guide and trained guides for a number of years. If you’ve ever thought about it as a profession, this is worthwhile to check out.

Better Baetis (Fly Fish Food)

This is just a cool-looking baetis pattern. I’m looking forward to tying a few up!

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