Friday Five: 3/23/18

Spring officially arrived this week, even though it came with cold temperatures and snow. At least it’s starting to warm up now, and the sun is trying to come out. Grab your favorite morning beverage and enjoy our selection for you in this week’s Friday Five.

The Only Way to Fry (Hatch Magazine)

Who doesn’t love cooking on cast iron? While not about fly fishing specifically, shore lunches are mentioned, and cast iron skillets are the centerpiece of this article. It never hurts to have at least one cast iron skillet in your arsenal of cookware.

The Hottest Streamer Pattern (Field & Stream)

This post is two years old, but the pattern is good enough to share now. Kirk Deeter writes about a streamer pattern called the Wildcat that he puts right up there with the Clouser Minnow in terms of effectiveness for a variety of species.

How to Tie the DPD Nymph (Orvis Fly Fishing)

Tim Flagler shows how to tie the DPD Nymph, which generally imitates a wide variety of nymphs. It’s a simple, souped-up pheasant tail-esque pattern to tie!

BFH Double Deceiver – Mike Schmidt (Frankenfly)

Mike Schmidt (of Angler’s Choice Flies) demonstrates how to tie a Double Deceiver using Flymen Fishing Company’s Fish Skull Baitfish Heads.

Mike Schmidt’s Junkyard Dog (Fly Fishing the Ozarks)

This is another pattern developed by Mike Schmidt, this time tied by Brian Wise. It’s a big streamer, and could be downsized to fish the streams around here.

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