Friday Five: 3/30/2018

March is coming to a close, and it’s not going out like a lamb. After a month of cold, things have started to warm up over the past few days (“warm” being in the upper 40s and low 50s), but it’s going to get cold again this weekend. To kick off your Friday, here’s our selection for this week: 4 videos and an article. Pour yourself an extra cup of coffee and enjoy!

11 Questions with Two of the Orvis Women Behind 50/50 On the Water (Orvis Fly Fishing)

Orvis is leading the way on this industry-wide initiative to get more women involved with fly fishing. Two of the women leading the charge of 50/50 On the Water are Jackie Kutzer and Christine Atkins, who are both interviewed for this article. Good stuff to see!

Rubber-Legged Stimulator (Fly Fish Food)

The stimulator is a versatile pattern that can imitate a wide variety of larger insects, along with just being a great attractor pattern. The guys at Fly Fish Food give us this tutorial on a rubber-legged version of the pattern.

Brush Head FGC (Schultz Outfitters)

Mike Schultz shows us one of the latest iterations of Blane Chocklett’s Feathered Game Changer, this time incorporating a synthetic brush at the head. To see Chocklett tie another new iteration of theGame Changer, see below.

Blane Chocklett’s Polar Express Game Changer (Schultz Outfitters)

Here’s Blane Chocklett tying another new iteration of his Game Changer.

Dally’s Tiny Dancer (Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher)

Steve Dally ties his Tiny Dancer, which is the shorter version of his 8-inch long Lap Dancer. I like the stacked bucktail technique for the top part of the fly.

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