Friday Five: 4/13/2018

Since we had so many videos last week, we went with more articles for this week. As usual, we try to highlight some great content from the web, and we think this week is no exception. Grab your coffee and enjoy!

The Sexualization of Fly Fishing (

In this podcast, hosts Chad Alderson and Nick Hanna sit down with Kate Watson and Kayla Katayama (both professionals in the fly fishing industry) to talk about the sexualization of the sport that social media has brought along.

5 Tips for Successful Fly-Fishing Family Outings (Orvis Fly Fishing)

Kaitlin Barnhart gives some really helpful tips on planning a fly fishing outing with children. Definitely worth a read!

Fifty Fly Fishing Tips: #37 – Zoom In and Think Smaller (Troutbitten)

Domenick Swentosky writes about the importance of time on the water, equating it to his time as a music major in college (something that he and I have in common!). Practice is important, whether it’s on the field, on your instrument, or on the stream – zoom in and get into the nitty-gritty.

Tips for Tandem Flies (Hatch Magazine)

Todd Tanner talks about pairs where the whole is greater than the individual parts – whether it’s a famous duo or tandem flies. Included are some tips of flies in these rigs, as well as some recommended rigs that work.

How to Tie the SBR Hendrickson Nymph (Orvis Fly Fishing, Tightline Productions)

Tim Flagler has another great video showing how to tie a Hendrickson nymph. I’m hearing reports that Hendricksons are starting to show themselves on Penns Creek, so it might be worthwhile tying a few of these up!

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