Friday Five: 4/6/2018

We’ve arrived in April, even though it really feels like third winter here in central PA. Some highlights for today are some dry fly videos, as well as an article on how to save on baggage fees the next time you fly with your fishing gear, among other selections. Grab your cup of coffee and enjoy!

Save Big on Baggage Fees On Your Next Fishing Trip (Hatch Magazine)

Flying with gear can get pricey quickly with airline baggage restrictions. Chad Schmukler writes on some tips that he found helpful in the annals of airline baggage rules that could help you circumvent expensive fees with your fishing gear – definitely worth checking out!

Tippet Rings for Tag Droppers? No Thanks. (Troutbitten)

In this article Domenick Swentosky outlines the pros (not many) and cons of using tippet rings to rig your droppers. He also identifies a really helpful knot to use that will put your droppers at a helpful angle for fishing (hint: the Orvis Tippet Knot). Helpful stuff, and detailed as always!

Tying the Hendo Hammer (Orvis Fly Fishing)

Tightline Productions features a pattern by John Collins called the Hendo Hammer, which is a Klinkhammer variation tied to imitate a Hendrickson. This would also be a pattern to vary for a variety of other mayfly species as well!

Tying the Found Link (Slide Inn)

Kelly Galloup’s latest video gets away from big streamers and goes small with a mayfly imitation. As usual in these videos, Galloup walks you through how he came up with the pattern design and why he uses the materials he does.

Streamer Chronicles: Russ Maddin (Fly Fishing the Ozarks)

The final episode of season 2 of Streamer Chronicles features Russ Maddin. He offers some good thoughts on favorite materials, fly design, and some general tips for designing your own flies as well as fishing streamers.





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