Fly Fishing Videos: Scumliner Media

It’s been awhile since we last had a post on here, so it’s about time we get back to one every now and then. This one features a few videos from Scumliner Media (follow the link to check out their Vimeo page).

Dead Flies Don’t Swim

Trico fishing on the Missouri River looks pretty incredible. Tricos should be starting here in the next few weeks, by the way.

Streamers, Inc.

The opening tongue-in-cheek warning in the video sums it up: “This program shows flies being made, sold, and used. It features graphic content that may not be suitable for dry fly anglers. Discretion is advised.”

Great Big Minnows

This is one that’s been posted on the blog before, but it’s worth posting again. Tell me this doesn’t look fun. (And the accompanying music is great, too!)


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