Friday Five: 7/12/19

The Friday Five is making a reappearance after a long hiatus! We’ll try to make updates each week this summer and into the fall. Grab your cup of coffee (or favorite morning beverage) and enjoy!

Buford in Cotton Candy (Frankenfly)

Paul Monagahn shows how to tie his simplified version of a Brad Bohen’s Buford predator fly. If you’re interested in going to pike and musky, it would be worthwhile to tie a few of these up.

The Big Junk Streamer (Fly Fish Food)

Lance Egan is more known for his Euro Nymphing patterns, but this is a great little sculpin imitation that’s pretty simple to tie. The link takes you to an article where he writes about how the pattern was developed.

Tying the Feather Game Changer (Mad River Outfitters)

Mad River Outfitters has some really helpful YouTube videos on their channel, covering a variety of topics in fly fishing. This is one of their tying tutorials on the Feather Game Changer (FGC) streamer.

Choosing the Right Streamer Hackle (Slide Inn)

Kelly Galloup discusses how to choose the best streamer hackle for the types of patterns you tie.

Top 5 Topwater Flies for Largemouth Bass (Orvis Fly Fishing)

‘Tis the season for bass fishing! These are some good suggestions for getting started in the topwater world for bass.

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