Things Worth Reading: 8/5/2016

Every now and then we’ll be posting some articles that have some content worth checking out. These are going to range from tips and tricks to patterns and tactics, highlighting anywhere between 3-6 articles per post.

Since the weather has been hot and humid, the articles highlighted here are going to feature some warmwater fishing and flies (but the two fly patterns would also work for trout). Enjoy!

Here is the roundup:

Hook Shots: Susquehanna Smallie Fly Marathon (Field & Stream)

Joe Cermele of Hook Shots takes a float trip on the Susquehanna River near Harrisburg, PA. They have a great day throwing flies for smallmouth bass! It’s good to see a relatively local river featured like that.

Carp Flies: Tying the Carp Crab (This River is Wild)

Don’t be deceived by the name of this fly. I (Caleb) tied a few up over the past 2 weeks and have caught freshwater drum, rock bass, smallmouth bass, and fall fish on it (no carp, ironically). It’s a pretty easy pattern to tie, and it would be worth tying a few up. It looks great in the water!

The Martinez Frankenstein Sculpin (The Fiberglass Manifesto)

This is a great-looking sculpin pattern that can be used anywhere sculpins are key trout prey. I tied a few smaller versions to use in Lake Michigan (last week) Central PA. I look forward to seeing how the trout like them around here.

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