Things Worth Reading: 8/18/2016

Every now and then we’ll be posting some articles that have some content worth checking out. These are going to range from tips and tricks to patterns and tactics, highlighting anywhere between 3-6 articles per post.

Here’s this week’s roundup:

Video: Hucking Meat for Bull Trout (Orvis Fly Fishing)

This looks straight-up fun: chucking some big ol’ streamers for bull trout. Fun to watch, too.

Is Our Thinking About Flies All Wrong? (Dan Frasier, Gink & Gasoline)

This post asks the question: what if we grouped flies by forage rather than by targeted species? (Trout flies, carp flies, bass flies, etc.) It’s worth a read. Frasier encourages us as anglers to ask the question, “What are fish eating right now where I’m headed?” to help better select flies.

Public Lands Photo Essay (Louis Cahill, Gink & Gasoline)

This is a good reminder of what’s at stake with the public lands that we have in the United States. The photos are great, and Cahill invites us to sign a petition to keep our lands public rather than private and “pay for play.”

Southern Culture on the Fly: Issue No. 20 (S.C.O.F.)

If you haven’t checked it out before, this online magazine is entertaining and informative. S.C.O.F. has some good articles and fly patterns, as well as photos. Check out the back issues as well!

Wanderlust and Fly Fishing (Ryan Shea, Flymen Fishing Company)

If you fly fish, chances are you’ve probably wanted to travel. Perhaps you even have a bucket list of places you want to go (we do!). This is an article you might be able to relate to. Although it should be said: having homewaters that you can get to know intimately has its definite perks. We’re glad that we’re located in one of the top fly fishing spots in the East!



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