Things to Read: 7/15/2016

Every now and then we’ll be posting some articles that have some content worth checking out. These are going to range from tips and tricks to patterns and tactics, highlighting anywhere between 3-6 articles per post.

Here’s the roundup for this week:

DIY Fly Line Loop with Step-by-Step Instructions (Louis Cahill, Gink & Gasoline)

This is just in case you break a welded loop on a manufactured fly line, or want to make a loop in your own fly line. Easy-to-follow steps on how to make your own loop.

PSA – It’s Hot Out There (Domenick Swentosky, Troutbitten)

Temperatures have in the upper 80s and into the 90s over the past weeks here in central PA. That being the case, it’s wise to check the water temperature if you’re planning on fishing for trout – anything over 69 degrees and there’s a good chance you’ll kill a fish even if you practice catch and release. Domenick Swentosky provides some helpful tips on calibrating a stream thermometer and when the best times are to fish for trout when the weather gets hot.

8 Ways to Stay Connected to Bass on the Fly (Rob Woodruff, Orvis Fly Fishing)

With the weather being as hot as it’s been, now is a good time to go after some warmwater species, such as bass and carp (see below). Here are some good tips on fighting a bass once it takes a fly.

The Rocket School of Carpin’: When It’s Too Hot for Trout (Domenick Swentosky, Troutbitten

Fly fishers are calling carp “freshwater bonefish” or “golden bonefish” because of the similarities in techniques needed to fish for them. This is a helpful post offering some tips on how to get into the carp fishing game, including: rigs, techniques, a good pattern, and fighting a carp once hooked.

John Montana Bartlett – Hybrid Worm (Paul J. Beel, Frankenfly)

This is a good carp pattern mentioned in the article above. This article includes the recipe and some pictures of the pattern. If you want to see a video, that can be found here. Take some time to tie a few before heading out!


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