Things Worth Reading: 6/2/17

Need a short morning break? Grab your coffee and check out this week’s “Things Worth Reading.” We have three articles and three videos covering a wide variety of topics, from fish spotting to striper flies and lots of things in between. Enjoy!

Tips for Spotting Fish (Redington)

Ever wanted to get better at spotting fish in the stream? Me too. Check out this article from Redington on how to do just that.

Two Favorites: Dry Flies (Relentless Fly Fishing)

Jake Villwock lists the recipes for two great-looking dry fly patterns for caddis and sulphurs. Good ones to tie up and take to the stream!

Tight-line Nymphing: Where Should the Sighter Be? (Troubitten, Domenick Swentosky)

This is a helpful article on placing the sighter in a nymphing rig (with a link to another helpful article on 7 tools for sighters). Some good tips and explanations from Domenick Swentosky – and don’t be afraid to experiment!

The Iron Lotus (Fly Fish Food)

This is a pretty simple and effective nymph developed by Lance Egan of Fly Fishing Team USA. It was originally designed as a baetis nymph imitation with a twist, and the guys at Fly Fish Food do a good job of showing us how to tie it.

Schultzy’s Smalljaw Syndicate: Re-Discover Your Region (Schultz Outfitters)

I like how Mike Schultz talks about exploring the water outside his back door, just because it’s what was available to him growing up. This video from Brookdog Fishing Company shows Mike Schultz (“Schultzy”) in his element on the Huron River. (And there are some great smallmouth in there, too!)

Striper Dragon (Moldy Chum)

Tweak the size and try some other colors, and this would be an effective streamer for more than just “stripahs.”

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