Things Worth Reading: 6/16/17


Morning coffee container, accented by a Nate Karnes Art cutthroat flag decal.

Another Friday! Grab your coffee and check out our menagerie of digital content for this week. There’s a little bit of everything: a podcast, an article, and two videos. Enjoy!

Crawfish Flies for the Missouri River (Headhunters Fly Shop)

These are some good standard crawfish patterns that would work on more than just the Might Mo’ – they’d work well around here for sure!

Podcast: An Interview with Legendary Author John Gierach (Orvis Fly Fishing)

Have you ever had the opportunity to meet an author you’ve admired for awhile? Even just making the connection between their speaking voice and their written work is a great experience. That’s what happens here in this podcast – Tom Rosenbauer interviews John Gierach, and you get to here from the man himself about fly fishing, writing, and other things.

How to Tie the Flying Squirrel Nymph (Orvis Fly Fishing)

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie a pattern based on Dave Whitlock’s Fox Squirrel Nymph and Cal Bird Bird’s Nest. It looks like a great combo nymph pattern to try.

Rocky Mountain Recon: Re-Discover Your Region (Brookdog Fishing Company)

Here’s another high-quality video from Brookdog Fishing Company, the 5th in the Re-Discover Your Region series. Ryan Shea describes this video well: …we travel to the Colorado Foothills –home of fabled, “technical” waters, and my Sweetwater Travel Guide School brothers, Jack Wickman and Cameren Shinabery.  It’s a different take on things – featuring guys that started guiding at the same time as me (a little over a year ago).  Call it a sanity check a little more than a year after making the decision to guide as a profession.  Why do they guide?  What drew them to Colorado?  What keeps them there?  Watch to find out.


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