Friday Five: 10/20/2017

There’s a big game here tomorrow as the Penn State Nittany Lions prepare to take on the Michigan Wolverines. ESPN College Gameday will be here too – it should be a great game! In the meantime, relax by grabbing your coffee and enjoying this week’s Friday Five.

The Wild Zen of Flip Pallot (Garden & Gun)

This is a well-written feature on Flip Pallot, who seems to be one of those people you just want to sit down with to swap stories. There are many things that are discussed in the article, and fishing is only a small portion of them. It turns out that Flip also enjoys hunting a lot as well, including archery with a longbow. That’s my kind of stuff!

Introducing Your Kids to Fly Fishing: 4 Tips for Success (Flymen Fishing Company)

This is a helpful article about introducing your kids to the sport of fly fishing. Let it be said: there’s nothing wrong with having your kids start by dunking worms and throwing gear – I really enjoyed doing that! These are some practical tips for when you’re starting to show them how to fly fish. (For the record: the first fish I caught on the fly was a big sucker at Fisherman’s Paradise, on a Sucker Spawn nymph.)

Phil’s Top 5 Streamers for Fall on the East Coast (Orvis Fly Fishing)

Phil Monahan shares his list of 5 favorite streamers for this time of year. Take “East coast” liberally – these patterns would work well around here!

The Big C (The Fly Fish Journal)

This article also features John “Montana” Bartlett being interviewed about fishing for carp on his home waters: the Columbia River (or “the Big C”). There’s a nice 6-minute film that goes along with the article, as well.

Streamer Chronicles, Season 2: Rich Strolis (Fly Fishing the Ozarks)

Brian Wise is at it again with season 2 of the Streamer Chronicles. Season 2 kicks off with Connecticut-based Montana Fly Company fly designer Rich Strolis. Strolis talks about how he got into fly fishing, meeting Kelly Galloup, why he loves fishing streamers, as well as what his top confidence fly is.


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