Friday Five: 10/13/2017

It’s not the first Friday the 13th we’ve had this year, but it’s the first one that I thought about posting a song to accompany it. Who doesn’t like starting with a little Stevie Wonder on a Friday morning?

Get your groove on, then check out this week’s selection of articles (no videos this week!).

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Fly Tying Video Week: Nymphs

This week is our first Fly Tying Video Week (FTVW for short): each day we’ll be posting 4-5 videos of fly patterns to help get your creativity flowing at the vise. The fishing is starting to pick up more and more around here, so we’re going to be posting patterns that we know to be effective (almost all of the patterns are ones we use, or variations of ones we use).

We kick off FTVW with Nymphs!

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