Friday Five: 5/4/2018

Bugs are popping, and I hope you have some time to get out on the water this weekend. Until then, you can fish vicariously through these articles and patterns that we have for you. Just pour yourself a coffee!

By the way, it’s International Star Wars day: May the Fourth be with you.

Streamer Tactics for Small Trout Water (Gink & Gasoline)

Streamers aren’t just for big water, but smaller water requires some different tactics for fishing them. Kent Klewein outlines some of those tactics here, and the Troutbitten site also contains a few more that you should check out.

Three Parts of an Indicator Leader (Troutbitten)

Domenick Swentosky gives us three important parts of a leader to use when nymphing. Leaders aren’t that hard to make on your own, and he gives a good recipe.

The Greatest Gift (Orvis Fly Fishing)

I’m just going to put this one here and let it speak for itself. Enjoy it!

Rattlesnake Streamer (Global Fly Fisher)

This is streamer that I first read about in Galloup & Linseman’s Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout, but hadn’t found anything else about it until now. The video is shared about, but the link below the video goes to a recipe as well as how the pattern was developed. It’s a small streamer that can be used in big and small water!

Pink Squirrel Nymph (Frankenfly)

This nymph was developed in the Driftless region of the upper Midwest, but works around the country.


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